Brandon Goding

Project Manager, Application Developer, and Goat Farmer.

Welcome to my website!  By day I work for a marketing firm in Brunswick, Maine. By night I do freelance work as a Web Application Developer. If I am not writing code or working on server configurations I can probably be found outside with my horse Mr. McGillicuddy and nubian goats, Hickok and Oakley.

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Brandon Goding

About ME

I'm a Technology Professional
with a good attitude.

Born and raised in Maine.  I grew up in a small town where handshake deals were part of everyday life. I've learned to take pride in my work and not settle for anything below perfection. Business is about building relationships through honesty, hard work, and dedication.

Excellent customer service skills.  Tourism is a huge industry in Maine and I found myself working in it at an early age. I followed this employment path for 15 year in a management. I built a strong foundation in guest service and running a business that I know have carried over into a technology oriented field.

Thinking outside of the box.  I've been a problem solver from a young age. I avoid the mindset of "this can't be done" and focus on how can we solve this problem. I pride myself in the ability to take an objective look at an obstacle and break it down into smaller easier to solve problems.

This is a map of the NorthEastern States including Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Brandon Goding

My Professional side.

Linux Systems Administrator
with a passion for Python.

Excited about Open-Source.  As a manager with a limited budget I had to solve problems without purchasing expensive prebuilt solutions. My first experience with open-source was using Ubuntu, Apache, PHP5.6, and MySQL to build an employee time tracking system. This project lead me to pursue formal education and change my career path.

Community Member. Now I work purely with open-source tools. I manage Ubuntu and CentOS servers, maintain a variety of Wordpress sites, and code most of my new projects in Django. I enjoy the community that has formed around all of these tools offering support and guidance.

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