Brandon Goding

Online Presence

In my personal time I enjoy trying to stay up on latest technologies and trends. To do this I follow podcasts, newsfeeds, and various online forums. I also enjoy taking formal classes or following online tutorials.

I also take breaks from the tech world by reading and watching videos about tiny living, minimalism, and gardening. During the summer months I can be found in my garden, or in the mountains hiking.

My personal site is my showcase for some of my personal projects that don't really fit into my professional site. I tinker with micro-controllers, robotics, and new programming languages often.

It's also a place for me to share my various interests or adventures. If I find a new hike, go on a fun horseback ride, or take some cool photographs I share it all here.

During the day I work for PatraCompany Visual Marketing Solutions. I am the technical lead which takes on the roles of lead developer, systems administrator, and project manager. I really enjoy my position with PatraCompany and look forward to working with their talented team each day.

I also do freelance projects from time to time. These projects include simple websites, e-commerce, data-driven web applications, and consulting. I maintain a small professional site in order to share my professional portfolio of both freelance and PatraCompany development work. Please check out my portfolio to view some of these items.

To learn more about my past work experience and education you can view my digital resume here.

Photo of Rocky and Patches eating hay. Photo of Mr. McGillicuddy standing sideways infront of a round bale of hay and looking backwards. Photo of Mr. McGillicuddy looking straight on at the camera.

I have a small hobby farm where I care for a few critters including three horses, two nubian goats, and three dogs. I'm also enjoying caring for waterfowl, until recently had various types of ducks and a goose on the farm. I had to relocate them until I can devise a predator proof pen to keep them safe.

I maintain a website where I write short blogs about the farm. Topics include animal care, DIY projects, and lessons I've learned while taking care of livestock. Click here to read my latest blog article.

This website is developed on the Wordpress CMS. It utilizes a custom coded theme and custom functions to control the administration area. Click to learn about how I developed this site.